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What is an e-learning platform?

Learn Anything – Fast: Learning is an important part of any education system. With the proliferation of online resources and easy access to information, people have a growing thirst for knowledge and education. Technology has been a constant in this age of knowledge. The internet has created an almost boundless source of information that is …


What is Microsoft HoloLens?

Microsoft’s second version of the HoloLens is going to be the most exciting and essential release yet. With a few software updates, the HOA for this augmented reality headset will drop significantly. There are some details that we still don’t know about but that should change in the next few months. Here is everything you …


What is a DLMS?

Manufacturing is an essential, high-value activity that is essential to meeting demand and bringing products to market. In fact, in the fourth industrial revolution, manufacturing will become one of the primary ways companies can drive innovation and speed time to market. As a result, manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to improve their operational performance …