The RealWear thermal camera module: A game-changer for industries

The RealWear thermal camera module is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of benefits for industrial and field workers. Equipped with a FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal imaging sensor, this device can detect temperatures between -20°C and 400°C, has a resolution of 160×120 pixels and a field of view of 45°x34°. It not only captures still images and videos, but also makes it easy to document and analyze thermal data.

Identifying potential hazards and increasing efficiency

The device can be used to identify temperature anomalies in machinery and equipment, thus allowing for early detection of potential problems and reducing downtime. This not only improves safety by preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace, but also increases efficiency by identifying issues early.

The thermal camera can also be used for safety inspections. It can detect potential hazards such as hot spots in electrical panels or overheating in chemical storage areas. Additionally, the device can be used for building inspections, which can identify potential issues with insulation and air leaks, ultimately reducing costs and improve energy efficiency.

Enhancing search and rescue operations

In addition to industrial and safety operations, the thermal camera can also be used for search and rescue operations. This device can locate missing persons or animals in low visibility conditions, making search and rescue operations more efficient and effective.

Easy to use

The RealWear thermal camera module is easy to use. Simply turn it on, point it towards the area you wish to inspect and adjust the temperature range and other settings as needed. Capture still images or videos as necessary for documentation and analysis.

Take your operations to the next level

The RealWear thermal camera module is a valuable addition to any industrial or field worker’s toolkit. Its wide range of applications and easy-to-use interface make it a game-changer for industries. Take your operations to the next level with this powerful device.